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20 Best Smartphones of 2015


A couple of years back when people purchased new mobile phones, they used to get fascinated at the idea of buying a Smartphone. A Smartphone has to th..

12 Future Mobile Technologies That Will Change Your Life


On this date, to think about our life without mobile phones is impossible. They have changed our life completely than what is was 10-15 years back. Th..

10 smartphones a boy should grab on


Everything has become smart or shall we say smarter. Things have become very much advanced. At one point of time things were different, a smart phone ..

10 Pros and Cons of Rubix On


The first time people heard of wireless charging was when Nokia its Lumia 820. They gave along Qi plates for charging. Today, wireless charging is a c..

10 mobile phones grabbed on by college going students.


You have just joined your college and now it’s time to flash your stylish mobiles. But, yes since you are a college student you will definitely want..

Xiaomi and Micromax not in competition with Sony India


The Chinese giant Xiaomi and the Micromax's Yu has brought a revolution in the cell phone world in India. They are taking on big giants with their arm..

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