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Everything has become smart or shall we say smarter. Things have become very much advanced. At one point of time things were different, a smart phone with exclusive features was only for the people who resided in posh area. Now things have transformed some Indian companies like Micromax has changed the scene completely. Things which were luxury have become a necessity. Now every college or even a high school boy has the means to afford a good Smartphone with some amazing features. One more thing, boys are after all boys, gaming and specs do mean a lot to them. So here are 10 smartphones a boy should go for, they have some high end specs and a price tag to fall for:

1. Lenovo A6000 Plus

Price is Rs. 7,499. The phone has an HD display sized 5 inches, it has 4G LTE, 2GB RAM and a great pair of Dolby speakers. This phone has style and performance any boy would love to own.

2. Mi 4i

Price is Rs. 12,999. The looks are graceful and sexy enough to make anyone go weak in the knees. It has a powerful 1.7 GHz snapdragon 615 octa core processor! 2GB RAM is enough to handle any game on the Play store.

3. Redmi 2

Price is Rs. 6,999. The ones like to keep things in budget should opt for this. Brilliant HD IPS display of 4.7 inches and a powerful 64 bit Snapdragon 410 processor is enough to give you a power pact performance.

4. Micromax Yu Yureka

Priced at Rs. 8,999. The phone comes with Cynogen 12 which lets you customize things as per your choice. A powerful processor and a 5.5 inches HD screen are the cream of it.

5. Moto G2

Price is Rs. 10,999. For those who love brands, Motorola has one amazing piece for you. Comes with a 5 inches HD display the G2 has some amazing elegant looks too.

6. Nokia Lumia 730

Price is Rs. 11,499. Want a great camera and touch? Go for the Lumia 730. It also has the best touchscreen in its class and yes the ease of Windows 8.1 too.

7. iPhone 4S

Surprised with its inclusion? Well it is because of the latest price and some rich Apple experience. The price is just Rs. 13,000 if you purchase from an online store.

8. BlackBerry Z3

Price is Rs. 13,500. If you too many projects to work on and you also love media at the same time go for this. Nothing can beat a Blackberry's work ethics.

9. iPhone 6

Want something super classy and feature rich? Well, iPhone 6 is the only answer then!

10. HTC One Eye

Price is Rs. 35000. The lovers of selfie should go for this; after all it gives you a 13 MP front camera with flash!

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