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Do not make the mistake of calling them technologically backwards, no they are not. We are talking about the girls. Girls have become very much advanced in terms of handling the gizmos and gadgets. They can seamlessly multitask well just like the pros! Phones are smart but girls are even smarter. Here is a list of 10 phones which a girl should consider, these phones have the swag element in them, they are classy and have all the glitterati, and here they are:

1. Moto G2

One phone, many worlds. Yes, this phone offers you so many things like good document viewing for those who love to do their work on their phone, good hardware for those who love having an excellent 8MP/2MP camera for beauty queens.

2. HTC Desire 626G Plus

You would love to have a handsome phone around! This one is the one! 13MP/5MP camera for those lovely BFF clicks and a powerful processor that you can bank on! The price is Rs. 14,500.

3. HTC Desire 616

If you are a budget friendly woman and want a phone that gives you a good camera and a beautiful display, then go for this. 616 is available for Rs. 12000 and has 8MP/5MP camera.

4. HTC Desire 820

Princess of your father? Or is Raksha Bandhan around? Demand this one from your father or brother! You will get specs like 13MP/8MP camera and a large 5.5 HD screen. Price is Rs. 23,500.

5. Nokia Lumia 730

Love Microsoft Windows? Then do not miss out on this. It gives you a brilliant primary and secondary camera along with a great user interface. You can bag one at Rs. 11,500.

6. Mi 4

If gaming is your cup of cappuccino, then do not leave this one out. The Mi 4 gives you a whopping 2.5 GHz quad core processor and 3 GB or RAM to perform with. Forget the lags and enjoy true gaming. Rs. 17,999.

7. Sony Xperia Z3

Budget is not a problem? Love chit chatting 24*7? Wish to talk even when you are in the shower? Go for this water proof device. 20 MP camera at the back. You can get this for Rs. 35000.

8. Nexus 6

If pure Android is your thing, go for the amazing Nexus 6. Get what you have always wanted. Price is Rs. 37000

9. iPhone 5S

Yes, if Apple is all that you want you cannot miss out on this. They call it the best looking iPhone ever. Get this for Rs. 35000.

10. iPhone 6

The latest iPhone is what they man and woman craves for. Got the moolah? Grab this for Rs. 42000.

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