12 Future Mobile Technologies That Will Change Your Life

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On this date, to think about our life without mobile phones is impossible. They have changed our life completely than what is was 10-15 years back. This invention and change has been perpetual in nature. Today, we can take it as a guarantee that the mobile technologies we change our lives in the upcoming years. Here are some of them

1. Better access and LTE:

The modem applications and devices require fast and cheap access, but today's 3G data is costly as well as slow. This will change. Wi-Fi has already been a relief to slow internet, LTE or 4G enabled phones will provide speed around 2 -4 MB/second.

2. Ad Hoc relay networks

This is a variant of multihop relay network. With this network data will be relayed through the devices themselves. This is the internet sharing option that we have on most of the phones. It is still in the nascent stages.

3. Development of femtocells

Femtocells is a similar device just like a Wi-Fi router and performs the function as a cellular base station. These will connect directly to our phones and carry signals to larger network via cables. This way you will always have network coverage no matter where you are.

4. Applications that will use your WiFi to make calls

Viber and WhatsApp call are already there, yet they do not perform that well. In the upcoming few years we will see them even better and stronger.

5. Tiny but powerful and more battery efficient chips

Developers are planning on to bring chips which will support Wifi, 4G, and LTE on one chip. These chips will have more number of transistors to increase the functioning speed and will consume very little amount of battery.

6. Bluetooth or mobile?

You use a Bluetooth to receive calls and sometimes to listen music and stuff like that. How would it be if the Bluetooth will be the complete mobile device? Hassle free, won't it be?

7. Wireless connectivity of USB

It becomes quite annoying when you have too many wires around, wireless USB will make it convenient for you to transfer data hassle free.

8. Wireless streaming between TV and mobile

Imagine how great it would be if you could see TV on your mobile. Technologies where the mobile phone would be able to show you what is going on TV would be amazing.

9. Voice assistant who can do almost anything

Siri and Cortana are wonderful, but still how about having a voice assistant who can do almost anything. Going about the day without even touching your mobile phone and doing every task!

10. Unlimited battery life

How about having a phone which has unlimited battery life!? No more of those charging issues, no more of those powerbanks!

11. Doctor phones

We can definitely have doctors at home; our phones can do basic things like checking our pulse rate, BP, heartbeats and sugar levels and monitor our health.

12. Foldable cell phones

How about folding your cell phone and keeping it inside your wallet? Just like a currency note!

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