20 Best Smartphones of 2015

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A couple of years back when people purchased new mobile phones, they used to get fascinated at the idea of buying a Smartphone. A Smartphone has to the ability to do almost anything a human being can wish a machine to do. Changing times of changed the types of smartphones too. The smart ones have got even smarter. We are in the middle of 2015, we already have seen blockbusters this year and we will also see many of them coming. We have a list of the best smartphones of 2015, mentioning their price and USP, here they are

1. Spice Dream Uno

Price: Rs. 3,999. The phone has a good processor and 5MP front and 2 MP secondary cameras.

2. Honor Bee

Price: Rs. 4,499. The phone has a 1.2 GHz quad core processor, 8 MP/2MP cameras

3. Microsoft Lumia 430

Price: Rs. 5,000. The phone has Windows 8.1 and dual sim

4. Asus Zenphone C

Price Rs. 5,999. The phone has Android v4.4, easy functionality and the amazing Zen UI

5. Moto E (2nd generation)

Price: Rs. 6,999 and Rs. 7,999(4G version). It is a simple and quality Smartphone from Motorola featuring a powerful processor, a nice screen and a good camera.

6. Mi Redmi 2

Price: Rs. 6,999. The phone looks sleek, has some amazing features like a 4.7 inch HD screen and a very powerful snapdragon 600 processor.

7. Honor Holly

Price. Rs. 6,999. It has good looks and a good 8 MP camera with 1GB RAM.

8. LenovoA6000 plus

Rs. 7,499. A 2GB RAM and 5 inch HD display has made this one a blockbuster.

9. Microsoft Lumia 535 DS

Rs. 7,300. It has a 5 inch HD display, 5MP/5MP primary and secondary cameras.

10. Asus Zenphone 5

Price: Rs. 8,499. The phone has 2GB RAM, android v4.4 and a powerful processor.

11. Lenovo A7000

Price: Rs. 8,999. A 5.5 inches HD display and Android v5.0 with a 2GB RAM is the phone's specialty.

12. Microsoft Lumia 540

Price: Rs. 9000: An 8MP/5MP camera combination and Windows 8.1 are this phone's highlights.

13. Honor 4X

Price: Rs. 9,999. This phone has dual sim LTE+LTE connections and a brilliant screen

14. Moto G2:

Price: Rs. 10,999. This phone has class and some exquisite features like its brilliant display.

15. Mi 4i:

Price: Rs. 12,999. 2nd gen superfast Snapdragon 615 processor and a solid display are its main features.

16. Microsoft Lumia 640 XL:

Price: Rs. 14000. A huge screen and powerful processor makes it enter the top 20 list

17. Apple iPhone 5C:

Price: Rs. 18,999. Finally an Apple product is here. It's class apart.

18. HTC Desire Eye:

Price: Rs. 35000. The phone has a 13 MP secondary camera with flash!

19. Apple iPhone 5S:

Price Rs. 36000. iOS 7 and a great camera are there.

20. Apple iPhone 6:

Rs. 42000: The top 20 list has to have this. A great masterpiece from Apple.

The list is in order of the price from lowest to the highest.

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