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The last 5 years have seen the highest growth in terms of some super exciting mobile phones. People were always fascinated with the idea of having a touchscreen phone. The year 2009 holds a special place for the touchscreen era. The Samsung Corbies and Samsung Waves were the cheapest touchscreen phones around since then there was no looking back. The emergence of the Galaxies , the Desires, the Lumias and yes the iPhones. The market trend became such where people wanted to buy only posh and touchscreen phones. But, recently, with the increasing purchases made on online e-stores, things have changed. People have started understanding what others are thinking of, people now know that phones are very much overpriced, especially the ones from Samsung and Apple and also HTC. Their choices have changed, now people want cheaper and feature rich phones. Here is a list of 10 phones which have changed the market trends or rather rejuvenated them:

1. Nokia Lumia 630: This phone is very cheap at around Rs. 6000 for the dual sim version; users fell in love with the quality of Windows phone. This phone has a great stamina too.

2. Nokia Lumia 730: Another classic from Nokia, this one is priced at Rs. 11500. It has all the premium features that one can ask for. Features like Carl Zeiss lenses, super sensitive touch etc is there.

3. Microsoft Lumia 535: This phone comes at Rs. 7500, has features like 5 inches HD display, 5MP primary and 5MP secondary camera.

4. HTC desire 526G plus: Who said that HTC could not bring its prices down? This one is an example. Priced at Rs. 9000, this phone has a great 8MP camera and Android 4.4

5. Micromax Nitro A311: The Indian phone maker brought this phone which has specs like a 13MP camera, 5 inch HD screen, Android 4.4 and a powerful processor. The price is just Rs. 8500.

6. Honor 4X: Typically, a good phone with all the brilliant specs like a big screen, solid camera, strong processor and a price tag that you will love. Rs. 9999!

7. Mi 4i: This Chinese mobile company took the country by storm, it brought in the most stylish and most futuristic phone the Mi 4i. The phone is priced at Rs. 12,999. It has the specs to match any phone worth Rs. 45000.

8. iPhone 4S: This phone has been included in the list because of its latest selling price I.e. Rs. 12,500! The phone which was once sold at over Rs. 45000 has a new price which is very low. This has kept its demand alive.

9. Moto G2: The G2 has class, brand value, specs and a good price. You can bag one at just Rs. 10999. This is an amazing phone at such a price.

10. Lenovo A8000: The number one rival of Apple , Lenovo brought in this phone to tell the world that great things are possible without paying heavy prices! Rs. 8,999 is its price.

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