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Periscope is the new live broadcasting app from Twitter. This app allows users to either watch or create videos on their phones which can be viewed in real time by anyone else.

YouTube is very much different from Periscope. YouTube gives a way for all the video creators to build up a catalogue of some well made or defined episode, Periscope is much more different. In Periscope things are different because everything happening is instantaneous and spontaneous as you can stream the video live and interact with the audience while the broadcast is actually going on. Streams are stored for 24 hours only and then they are deleted. The only way to save your video is by keeping them in your device's camera roll, if you want them for future viewing and sharing with your friends.

Periscope was first of released on iOS back in March 2015. This new live broadcasting app is more available on Android as well. This application is owned by Twitter. This is a new form of social media which is looking to take upon other rival apps like Meerkat and bring live streaming as a mainstream media.

How to use Periscope on Android phones and tablets- installation of the app?

The installation part is very easy. The app is found in the Google's Play store. You have got to simply open the Store app and then search for Periscope, once you find it open it and then tap on Install. A lengthy list of app permissions will pop out; this is a normal procedure due to the social nature of the app. The app will ask for permissions like access to your camera, microphone and the location for giving you services. You have to accept these permissions and the will start installing in no time without any further question asked.

Setting up your account on Periscope

Periscope is a Twitter owned app, therefore, to use Periscope you will need a Twitter account. You have to tap the Log in option with the Twitter button to get things started, and then you have to enter your existing account details or create a free account. This will take five minute of your time. The most important advantage that the Android app gives you over the iOS App is that you can actually use more than one account if you have them. To set up multiple accounts all you have got to do is tap on the one which is being displayed at the top of the screen and then tap add account button. Now you have what it requires to switch between the two accounts whenever you need them . This is something great if you want to keep your personal business and Twitter IDs separate. Now you will have to create a Periscope account. After the completion of the account creation you will get a list of people you can follow. As periscope is still new it would be better if you accept the people the app suggests. This will let you get content and audience.

Using the interface is not difficult it is just like Tumblr feed. You have to tap on videos that you want to watch.

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