Top 10 Tips for Building Better Mobile Apps

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Things have changed recently, now every big company or entrepreneur wants to develop an app or a mobile friendly version of their website so that the users can find an easy access to them. But it isn't always the case that an app will be successful. A successful app should be simple, plain and user friendly. Below are some of the advices for building better mobile apps:

1. Get your apps tested. This is something new, but getting your app tested will have a great impact. There are platforms like Artisan to for all such tests. It's like experimenting your app before launching it officially.

2. Understand your app users: You have got to go very deep in understanding your user’s motivation behind using the app. Some of them would really not want to use the mobile app and some may crave.

3. If possible get the offline version available: Let the app be bigger by 30-40 MB but making it usable off line would be something great for the users, they won’t have to run to get WiFi access.

4. Ease of use matters the most: If your app is not an easy one to use, then believe us nobody will like to use it. Half of the owners of smart phones still do not know how to fully utilize them. The interface for such people needs to be simple.

5. Make it predictive: The app should understand what the user is trying to do; it should be a no fuss app. There should be minimal technical aspects for the users.

6. Match your design with the OS: Remember Android is different from Apple, therefore tailor make your apps for the and users. The app should match the requirements of the OS.

7. Cover the maximum number of platforms: Let your app be present on the Windows OS, the Android OS and the iOS. If it is possible develop apps for desktops and tabs as well. The app should be available for one and all.

8. It should be convenient: Do not complicate the end user's life. There should not be useless add pop ups or notification. The app should not limit the functionality of the mobile. Consider everything from the user’s view point.

9. Make the app beautiful: The layout of the app should be beautiful. It should be appealing to the user. Do not make an app like those of government banks. They are ugly and boring.

10. Use it yourself: Use it often by yourself. See how you feel while using it; tweak it as per your experiences. Let your users enjoy every bit of it. The app should be simple, well lay out and convenient and fulfill the users demand.

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