Xiaomi and Micromax not in competition with Sony India

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The Chinese giant Xiaomi and the Micromax's Yu has brought a revolution in the cell phone world in India. They are taking on big giants with their armory which has a very cheap price tag and features which can make any other mobile user envy of! The only concern these new game changers are seeing is that they do not have a great customer grievance redressal department. Companies like Nokia or Microsoft are not facing much great from these new companies because both of these run on different operating system. Samsung already has a fare share of customers; therefore, it feels quite planted in the Indian market. Out of the giants who are facing the maximum threat is Sony India. Sony has been known for its brand value. The phones look sleek and stylish, they are very handsome. But when it comes to the hardware specs they are way behind Xiaomi and Yu. They also have a very high price tag.

The Indian customer is now much more educated and understands things even more clearly. People have slowly started to move from being brand crazy to being value oriented.

This is what Sony India had to say about its upcoming plans and work and its competition with Xiaomi and Yu:

They are looking forward to consolidate their existing sales and marketing infrastructure but they will continue to add more products to their portfolio in order to increase their customer base. They are not looking forward to expand in the near future, nor are they planning to open any new store. Sony has shifted its headquarters from Sweden to Tokyo; they also did something similar in 2011 when they shifted their headquarters from London. Sony India has launched two new cell phones this week in India.

The company is facing competition from new comers like Xiaomi, Huawei Honor and Micromax Yu. These companies have launched products which are very cheap and comparable to Sony's flagship devices. Mukesh Srivastava, head of marketing, India has said that these companies’s do not possess any threat to the giant. He also said that Sony has no plans to sell their products completely online via the e-commerce platform. He also added that Sony is not looking to compete with brands like Yu and Xiaomi. He said that Sony devices will come in mid range and premium range only. Mr. Srivastava said that Xperia devices will come with the company's Bravia engine displays; CMOS image sensors, sound engines and play station networks.

Talking about Xiaomi and Yu, we can clearly see that the specs they provide their phones with are around Rs. 20000 cheaper than what Sony provides their devices with. Let us see how Sony looks at things. If they still choose to believe that the Indian customer will trust them with their high end products, well then they might have to rethink!

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